Back in the Day: June 14th - Simon Jordan Wins Court Battle with Iain Dowie

Back in the Day

Thursday 14th June 2007

Simon Jordan wins court battle with Iain Dowie over being “deceived” a year earlier when the Palace gaffer quit to “move north”.  

"I find that Mr Dowie did say that he wanted to go North for his family. That was the truth. His children were settled at schools in Bolton and the family did not want to move South” said the Judge.

"The context of this call on the Saturday morning two days before the compromise agreement was due to be signed, leaves no room for doubt as to the purpose and effect of the misrepresentation. … Mr Dowie intended to induce Mr Jordan to sign the compromise agreement, and the club was induced by it to enter into that agreement in the form in which the parties it".

However, it was not certain that Jordan was going to get the full £1m compensation that he was seeking:

"The club is now entitled to damages to put it in the position it would have been in if it had not been induced to waive the £1m clause, but if the judge thinks that in those circumstances Dowie would for any reason have stayed, it may be very difficult for the club to show that it has actually suffered any financial loss at all” said Andrew Quick, a commercial litigation partner at Stevens & Bolton

Thursday 14th June 2012

Crystal Palace are drawn away to Exeter City in the 1st Round of the League Cup.



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