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Flying High Issue 10 was on sale around the ground on Saturday and we have held back a limited amount of issues to give those that were not at the game a chance to purchase the issue. 

To get your hands on issue 10 you will need a PayPal account. Email with the email address that is linked to your PayPal account and we will request the £1.50 for the issue + P&P. Once a payment is received, the issue will be sent. We are happy to send issues outside of the UK, but please note this will mean higher P&P costs [all P&P costs will be exactly what it costs us - no markup].

Here's what to expect in the latest offering:

  • Losing our identity? - The argument regarding the loss of identity rages on but we have a very definitive viewpoint on the subject.
  • What's Soul got to do with it? - What is the soul of a club? Does it matter? Should it be compromised? 
  • Big Sam's Biggest Test - With a stellar CV on pulling clubs out of trouble, has the new boss bitten off more than he can chew in SE25?
  • Queens Park Palace - When QPR tried to buy their way out of safety and went down, everyone laughed. But are Palace now in a similar situation?
  • The Importance of Being Luka - Our Serbian maestro has won plenty of fans already, we discuss just why he is already so important to the team.
  • The view from afar - After having to give up a Season Ticket this year, has co-editor Brids found it more or less difficult with our form being so poor?
  • RedNBlue Army - Terence flew to New York and took in a Palace match Stateside. What did he make of the occasion?

We also have the usual gripes in Dave’s Moans, a very current Sh*t List entry, a possibly (definitely) made-up source's info on Big Sam's training techniques and some more brilliant photos from Michael Hulf.

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