Does the Mackay Debacle Reveal a 'Success Over Morals' Mentality?

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Integrity. A word that everyone would like to say that they adhere to. In truth many do not, especially when there is money involved. With money at the highest levels that it has ever been in the game, it is not surprising that more and more bad eggs are starting to appear along with a host of dirty underhand tricks.

With Crystal Palace set to employ Malkay Mackay as manager, reuniting him with Sporting Director Iain Moody, Palace were set to get about kicking on with this season. Meanwhile, Vincent Tan had other ideas.

Tan supposedly said that he would make sure that Mackay never worked in football again and it appears that he means to be true to his word.

The Cardiff City owner was apparently patiently waiting for the perfect moment to destroy Malkay Mackay and it just so happens that we have ended up in the middle of the complete clusterf**k and I am positive that Tan is delighted that it is Palace as he can now fight “Spygate” on two separate fronts. Obliterate Mackay and Moody and damage the team that beat his beloved Reds 3-0 at the back end of last season.

Of course, we await for Tan’s claims to be substantiated but with Mackay and Moody both apologising to Tan out of the blue in May and with Mackay dropping his claim for £7.5m in damages against the club it is reasonable to assume that they were trying to crawl up Tan’s a*** in the hope that he might let all of these demons alone.

"Tan has probably done us a favour."

Spygate” aside, which could end up hurting us financially further down the line, Tan has probably done us a favour. If Mackay and Moody were taking liberties with money at Cardiff you can bet your bottom dollar that they would have tried it at Palace (unless they were just doing it because they thought that they could take advantage of Tan’s lack of football knowledge and financially benefit from it). Although I get the impression that Parish is like a wife who suspects that her husband is cheating and as a result is examining his credit card statements with a fine toothcomb, when it comes to the clubs finances.

Back to that word integrity and since I have been doing this blog, a little over four years, I have worked out that everyone knows what is going on in the background of the football world in some fashion and through the medium of Twitter it is easy to find out anything about anything if you know the right people to ask. This essentially means that people from, not just Palace but, all clubs are leaking information. Look at “Spygate”, two Cardiff PLAYERS were supposedly prepared to give up the starting eleven and tactics to the team that they were playing against the following weekend!

"Perhaps Parish is not the PR guru that many think he is."

What I am getting at is that I find it very unlikely, although not impossible, that Steve Parish did not know about the claims that would mean impending disaster for Mackay. Yet he was still prepared to employ him. An alleged racist, sexist and homophobe. I am all for innocent until proven guilty and all of that but surely you shouldn’t want to touch that with a barge pole in this day and age? Perhaps Parish is not the PR guru that many think he is. Or perhaps, even more disconcerting, is that racism is still running riot behind the scenes in the game that we love and that Mackay was just considered another, alleged, racist along with many others.

This is all potential proof that success at all costs is killing any form of integrity that may, or may not, still exist in the game.

Put the fraudulent allegations against Mackay and Moody aside. Big money attracts even bigger greed and it doesn’t in the least bit surprise me that people are brown enveloping the f**k out anything and everything. Just look at FIFA. If the top of the game is that corrupt then what chance do we have of avoiding that mentality seeping through the entire game?

No. incase you couldn't tell, it is the racist/sexist/homophobic side of the coin that really pushes my buttons.

If Parish did know or suspect, again he may not have, what Mackay was like and is prepared to go against his and the clubs morale’s and employ a complete wrong ‘un simply because he believes that this is our best shot at success then I am not sure that this is the kind of Crystal Palace that I would like to support.

London is the most multicultural city in the world and we are a club that is known for producing young black talent such as Zaha, Moses, Clyne. It wouldn’t be long before parents got wind that Mackay was a racist (if Tan’s allegations are proved true) and with that the likes of Charlton and Millwall will benefit as non-white parents would not be sending their kids to play for Crystal Palace, that’s for sure.

That is barely breaking the ice of what it would be like to have someone like the Mackay that Tan is painting as the manager of our club. I’d rather not sacrifice the moral compass of the club for success.

Parish comes in for a lot of stick. Some warranted, some not. But I do not doubt that he has the best interest of the club at heart… but so did Simon Jordan and look where that got us.

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