Back in the Day: May 30th - Iain Dowie Appointed Manager of Charlton

Back in the Day

Monday 30th May 2006

One week.

Apparently, this is the acceptable period of grace when lying about the reasons for which one wants to get out of their contract to take up another position.

Seven days after Simon Jordan and Iain Dowie mutually agreed to terminate the latter's contract, so that Dowie could spend more time with his family “up north” – Dowie is unveiled as the manager of Charlton. 

Well, I suppose it is 9 miles further "north".

Furious that he was missing out on £1m in compensation, Jordan had a bailiff serve Dowie with a writ for misrepresenting his reasons for leaving – in the middle of the press conference at the Valley announcing the manager.

“I anticipate good times,” said one Charlton fan in the report above:

Dowie’s League Record at Charlton

P – 14

W – 2

D – 2

L – 8

Dowie would last just 174 days before being sacked. November 13th was already too late for Charlton to get rid. Relegation followed, leaving Palace fans asking the question: “who the fuck is laughing now?”

Bouncebackability was officially dead.

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