City 4-1 Palace

Tayor (9), Woolford (12), Stead (59 Pen), Adomah (82)
Dikgacoi (74)
Tue 21st August 2012
Ashton Gate

As the full time whistle sounded last night, Crystal Palace FC became the first team in the history of football to be relegated after a mere 180 minutes of football.

As the game finished at Ashton Gate, a ground at which Palace have not won since Jesus was curing lepers in Jerusalem, boos filled a large section of the away end and the big red self destruct button was hit on the BBS and HOL alike.

Worse still, Dean Moxey's wife was abused on twitter on the grounds that her husband made a mistake on a football field? So much for the #cpfcfamily. If anyone knows who this was, please let me know so that I can block them and report them to the club. Anyone is entitled to an opinion, abusing a players wife is unacceptable, disgusting and something that I do not want associated with our club... Two losses and we turn into Millwall? Pull yourselves together!

Sure things are bad, but with 136 points still to play for, I am not going to start counting up the amount of new grounds that I would get to visit if we were playing League 1 football next season, let alone go and tweet Jess Parrish abuse...

With our captain (McCarthy) and, arguably, our best player (Williams) still to come back I do see light at the end of the tunnel and so should we all.

As disastrous as last night’s result was, I saw enough to know that this crop of players will not relegated, let alone this crop with up to 4 new players added. The players are committed and hungry. They want to be playing for Crystal Palace.

Three Wins in Twenty Four.

Stats do not lie. Fact. People are entitled to be fucked off with this sort of form. I know that I am. Shit, only Aston Villa and Wolves have a worse record over the same period in the entire football league. One of which were relegated and the other I expect to be playing Championship football l next season.

If this form continues, we will go down. The question is, will this form continue?

Surprisingly, after last night, I say no (as I write this I am a little tipsy, but don’t worry, I am still of sane mind).

How can I be buoyed after a 4-1 reverse?


Before City scored, we were on top and actually played some good football. The problem is, when a team is low on confidence falling behind spells disaster.

Much like the games versus Exeter and Watford, we struggled massively with deep crosses into our box and it was our undoing for the first goal. Then, just like Watford, a huge error occurs and in a blink of an eye we are 2-0 down. All of the promise of the opening 8 minutes destroyed by holes that can most certainly be plugged.

Half time passes, we start to work our way back into the game a little and then, bang, penalty kick and we are 3-0 down. Then at 3-1 Jedinak has a great chance to make it 3-2 only to miss and for City to go down the other end and score through a good goal from a very dangerous player (Adomah).

As I said in the last match report, playing 442 each week and trying to attack teams will see us, occasionally, get caught out and get a hammering. But, getting a hammering trying to win a game is better than losing a game that we are trying to draw.

I am not trying to suggest that things are all rosy and that this is just a rocky start. We are in dire straits, there is no doubt about it and if things do not improve very soon then believe me when I say that Dougie Freedman is living on borrowed time.

If things do not improve and fairly promptly, Freedman will be sacked. It's all getting a little bit George Burley and CPFC2010 have shown that they will act if they have to.

Would sacking Freedman be the right move? Go to the forums and take a look at pretty much any thread to see the pros and cons. Some will say it is time for him to go, some will say he should be given time... All agree that something has to give.

Where do I stand? I stand with Freedman. I have to. He has bought me too much joy in my lifetime for me not to.

Is making decisions with my heart a smart thing? No. But I am a Palace fan and know no different. If I made decisions with my head I wouldn't have seen us win at Old Trafford, Highbury and Anfield.

Last night showed that Dougie has a plan B and that is what a lot of fans are asking for at the moment. At this moment in time, the problem is personnel. KG, despite another goal, is no right winger. Add another defender and a winger to our team and we have a starting eleven that will give all teams in this division a game. We have 9 days to see if signings materialise and then a few more weeks to see what we can do in the loan market.

If Freedman cannot attract players to the club in this time, then my pro Freedman stance will falter and I am found asking myself, has CPFC2010’s faith already faltered?


This biggest positive that I take away from last night’s game is, Kwesi Appiah.  This is the first time I saw a striker that is capable of scoring more goals than games played, as he did at Margate. He showed his pace, he showed great movement and he managed to fashion a couple of half chances and should have won a penalty but for a poor decision from the ref.

I am not saying that he is going to be the 20 goal a season striker that we are looking for, however, 8-10 goals would be very helpful and I am saying that he has this in him based on this cameo.

The Match

You are nuts if you think I am going through a play by play of the game. I am not a masochist. Reliving a 4-1 loss is not something I want to do or any sane palace fan should want to read.

Instead I will end on another ridiculous deterioration amongst Palace fans that I witnessed last night.... This would be the threads that stated that we should drop Julian Speroni.

Here are the official stats on Speroni.

Points lost through Speroni mistakes: 8

Points saved by Speroni with saves that he has no right to make: 1456739

Drop Speroni?? Honestly people!

Bring on 'Boro.

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