Leicester 1-2 Palace

King (90)
Delaney (23), Ramage (28)
Sat 27th October 2012
King Power Stadium

We are now at the point where we are ten games unbeaten, fourth in the league having beaten two of the three teams above us and two of the three relegated teams. If we were ever in doubt that we are the real deal this season, I think that we have to let those feelings go and accept that we are going to be pushing for promotion come May.

Lennie Lawrence said, "Whoever takes charge will have a side that has every chance of maintaining a play-off challenge. They are so good as a unit, they could probably run themselves for a week or two.

"They have been absolutely spot on since Dougie left - if they weren't, you could never come to a place like this and win."

It is clear that the only thing that can prevent a promotion push would be a disastrous managerial appointment. However, with the team playing the way it is currently, potential managers must be looking at the team and rubbing their hands because, as Lawrence said "they could probably run themselves for a week or two". Whoever takes the job is onto a huge winner as they will have to do little work and will get much praise if the little work that they do do keeps the team playing this way until the end of the season.
I have not been as excited to be a Palace fan than I am at the moment for some ten years. The Freedman departure has weirdly added to the excitement and I look forward to the appointment that should come before our next fixture, against the only relegated team we are yet to play, Venkeys FC. Another big test, but another one that I can only see us passing with flying colours.

Man of the Match: Damien Delaney

It was a tough one again. Jedinak, KG, Zaha, Ramage, Parr, Bolasie and Speroni all had great days but with the goal to his name, Delaney just pips it for me.

He was once again giving the vocal encouragement that we sometimes lack at the back without McCarthy and he just refused to let his former club pass us and nobody punched the air with more gusto than he at the final whistle. With each passing game it is becoming more and more essential that we keep him past January.


It's getting a bit boring saying this, but it was superb again.

Unfortunately it was decided that this match should be all ticket so the numbers, around 2000, for Palace on Tour 3 were certainly lower than they would have been if people could buy on the day. Undeterred we out sang the 21,000 homes fans with ease and ridiculed their plagiarism in the process.

It seems that every team wants to sing "We Love You" now, however, Leicester aired at least two other songs that have been introduced to the English game by the Holmesdale Fanatics. After an embarrassing rendition of "We Love You" from the home fans, we showed them how it was done before lavishing them with a chorus of "You're Leicester City, you steal all our songs." Naturally there was no comeback. The truth hurts I guess.

 At half and full time "Don't Worry about a thing..." was sung in order to bring some calm after a week of turmoil. However, the song that stood out from the day for me was the one sung as it was announced that Bolton had lost.

What have you done?

What have you dooooone?

Oh Dougie Freedman,

What have you done?

It felt right. It was not abusing Freedman personally, it was merely the perfect question aimed at his decision. Regardless of whether you believe that Freedman was forced out or not, ultimately the decision to leave had to be his at the end of the day and his decision looks more and more like a poor one.

Immediately after this song ended the HF sung, mostly alone, a chorus of "There's only one Dougie Freedman". I, for one, joined in. I refuse to let the last week ruin his legend status in my mind.

A new era is dawning. Lets move onwards and, hopefully, upwards.


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