Palace 2-0 Oman

Dobbie, da Silva
Tue 10th September 2013
Selhurst Park

A Crystal Palace team consisting of four players from the Premier League twenty-five defeated the Oman national team on a drizzly night at Selhurst Park. Goals from Stephen Dobbie, one of the players controversially left out of the Palace twenty-five, opened the scoring in the second half, stroking the ball home with his left after cutting inside and beating two. Youngster Kyle da Silva completed the scoring with a beautiful curling left footed effort into the top corner of the goal.  

Two more players that were surprisingly left out of the Palace squad also featured. Owen Garvan and Florian Marange, who have both been very vocal in being left out of the squad. Both played ninety minutes and put in solid performances, albeit against weak opposition.

I am not going to go into depth on this friendly, instead I will just take a look at the four players that are in the twenty-five that played.

Neil Alexander

Barely had a touch of the ball and was never tested in the match. His inclusion in the twenty-five was never in doubt on the grounds that he is one of our three goalkeepers and not including three goalkeepers in the squad would be a little bit like playing ‘Russian Roulette’ in terms of risk taking. 

Stuart O’Keefe

The man who scored a beauty against Sunderland and forced himself into the twenty-five. Perhaps without scoring that goal he would have missed out on the squad but as it stands he is in. His performance on the night was solid but he did struggle at times against some very fleet-footed Omani midfielders.

Jonny Parr

Good to see him back in action, even if I am not his biggest fan. Again, a solid enough performance but was caught in possession once and a Premier League team would have punished us but with it happening against lesser opposition, the Norwegian got away with it.

His name was sung by the crowd several times and he was keen to acknowledge the fans each and every time.

Cameron Jerome

Probably the most pleasing performance of the night. His pace and strength in the air were key in stretching the Omani backline and looked very dangerous the entire time that he was on the field. 

He should fit in with our style of play very well and looks to be a great deadline day signing.

Finally, Aaron Wilbraham

Unfortunately Wilbrahamovic still couldn't hit a barn door. He looks set to sign on loan for Blackburn and I wish him the best of luck but he would have more chance of scoring in a brothel in Oman...

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