Palace 2-1 Villa

Dann (71) Sako (87)
Souare OG (77)
Sat 22nd August 2015
Selhurst Park

Anyone that follows the social media outlets that I use for this site will know that I was not at the game yesterday. The first time that I have missed a Crystal Palace game since December 18th 2010, so I will not be talking about this match in any depth.  

The noise in the stadium during the second half was pumping through my headphones and the difference that thsi support made to the performance was obvious as I watched the game through a stream at a wedding in Germany. I made an utter fool of myself when Sako hit the winner by running and jump up and down down a corridoor but you can guess how much I cared about what a bunch of Germans thought!

On Sako, I am delighted that he has hit the ground running. He scored 18 goals last season in the Championship but we all know that the step up in level is not always seemless. However, his left foot did not fail us when his chance came and it all resulted in three points and this wonderful tweet:

In 2013 it took us 13 games to get to six points, last season it took us 6 games. In those respective seasons we finished 11th and 10th. Is this the year that we finally pin two good halves of a season together? 

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Keith Stroud

Crystal Palace

Palace Manager: 
Alan Pardew


Opposition Manager: 
Tim Sherwood