Palace 0-4 Sund'land

Kone (9) Ndong (43) Defoe (45+1, 45+3)
Sat 4th February 2017
Selhurst Park

Crystal Palace managed to redefine what it means to be rock bottom as Sunderland scored four times in the first half at Selhurst Park. The Mackem’s had only scored four times in their last seven away games, but went through the Palace defence like a hot knife through butter time and again.

Looking at the relegation contenders this season, Palace have now conceded 7 goals against Swansea, 6 against Sunderland and 3 (in one match) against Hull and Leicester respectively. It is embarrassing whichever way you look at it.

You’re not fit to wear the shirt” echoed around the stadium as the visitors celebrated their fourth goal and a fan run onto the pitch to confront Damien Delaney when the half-time whistle sounded. It didn’t get much better at full-time as the Holmesdale Fanatics gathered by the players tunnel to voice their disgust at the manager and the players.

The False Dawn Part 2

In the match report for the Bournemouth game, I voiced my worry that the victory over the Cherries was a false dawn, just as the 3-0 win over Southampton was. Everton tanked six past Bournemouth this weekend, which tells us all we need to know about the form of Eddie Howe’s team at the moment.

Thinking more on the Bournemouth victory and the way that Bournemouth set up in such an attacking fashion, it is quite possible that they took us for granted and, perhaps as this loss to Sunderland has shown, if you take any team for granted in this league, you get what you deserve – nothing.

Somehow we are in luck. How we can be as bad as we are, but within two points of 15th, is beyond me. However, I do not think that we can continue to rely on three other teams being worse than us this season as Hull and Swansea have decided to join the party. That two-point gap will be over five if we lose our next couple of games and we can kiss goodbye to the Premier League.  

Wayne Hennessey

Regardless of the quality of the opposition, beating Bournemouth would have definitely laid a foundation of confidence – Hennessey managed to erode that confidence with one drop of the ball. Was he fouled? Maybe, but as the commentator said, “Hennessey was weak”. He is 6ft 4in for crying out loud. He should be a bully in his penalty area. It should be the Sunderland player wincing away from him, not the other way around. I don’t think that anyone can deny that this 9th-minute drop was the key moment in the match, closely followed by James Tomkins’ miss at 0-1.

If you dare, watch the goal back and look at all of the Palace players. Not one of them is appealing for a foul on Hennessey. Any other team in this division would be surrounding the referee asking him why it is not a foul. Not one single player heads over to the ref, the players just turn around and head back towards the centre circle! I’ve never seen anything like it. This behaviour suggests to me that they all think, “Oh, Wayne has f**ked up again.”

I am laughing at myself for suggesting that Wayne could be a bully in his 18-yard-box. He couldn’t even muster up enough emotion to complain himself. As former Crystal Palace goalkeeper John Burridge has said on numerous occasions – we are down if he is not removed from the goal.

The Fan Witch-Hunt

I am not sure which was more disgraceful – the performance or the witch-hunt that has taken place for the fan that confronted Delaney.

Since the game, the fan has supposedly released a statement to a Facebook fan page talking about being embarrassed and letting everyone down. He has also said that his season ticket has been revoked and that he is likely to receive a ban. Some of the responses that I have seen are laughable.

The same fans that are saying that we need to stick together and get behind the team, instead of actually letting them know how we feel, appear to be wanking over the fact that the guy is to be banned. Where is the “sticking together” aspect in that sort of behaviour? You’re all prepared to hang him out to dry yet let the players, who earn our yearly salary’s in a week, get away with it? You’re the ones that are embarrassing, not him.

The same fans are then suggesting that he was right to come out and apologise for letting us down because he did let us down. Well, don’t include me in that “us”. He didn’t let me down. He showed more passion in that ten seconds than any most of those players on the pitch have shown in the last fifteen months. Note how he also ran straight to Delaney, the man that had done the wanker sign to the Holmesdale in the first-half. Who does Delaney think he is? Because he cried at Wembley once we are all supposed to forgive him for everything that he ever does? My aim this coming week is to produce evidence that Delaney doesn’t give a single shit about this Club. There is loads of it staring you all in the face. He cares about himself first, and then some of his teammates. After that, it is just a job to him. Don’t for one second think that because he has behaved so passionately in the past that he is doing it for the fans or the badge – he is doing it for himself and his teammates. There is nothing wrong with that. There are a lot of players like that in the modern game, but if he wants to call the fans wankers, he deserves every bit of abuse that he gets.

People were asking for him to be ‘named and shamed’. You should be ashamed of yourselves. The guy got passionate about the team he loves and went and had a conversation with another bloke. ‘Name and shame’ him like he is a nonce or something. What is wrong with you lot? Getting relegated might not be too bad. We’ll lose all of these people that think showing passion is a criminal offence. The ones that want to sit down quietly in their seats, turning up only to watch the ‘world class’ players that play for the opposition and then disappear the moment we are relegated. The ones that boast to all their mates at work about how we have the best fans in the country yet have never left a game with a sore throat in their entire lives.

With a bit of luck, that fans actions will actually make them all take a step back and take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror. Just like some of you lot need to for trying to make out like that fan is the f**king devil reincarnated.

Man of the Match: The fan that ran on the pitch

For all of the reasons above.

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